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OnPage SEO Tip: How to Write SEO Friendly Post (Search Engine + Reader Friendly)

onpage seo tips about writing SEO friendly post

SEO friendly post can be ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines even with fewer backlinks. I have practiced a lot of things while doing SEO and gained experience. The experience made me able to guide you. In this article, I would tell you some amazing tips about how to write SEO friendly post for your website/blog that can be ranked easily.

Content writing is just a skill like other skills. I would like to mention the difference between a writer and an SEO writer. A writer only writes to engage it’s readers while an SEO writer has needed to happy readers as well as search engines. By this mean, SEO writing might be a bit difficult but it is not as difficult as some people think.

I am going to describe 15 important points to write SEO friendly post. These points will cover each and every topic with details.

Before proceeding toward the main topic, I would like to tell that a user-friendly article might not be SEO friendly but an SEO friendly post will be necessarily user-friendly. I already told above that an SEO friendly post is optimized for Search engine and reader.

These two points were important to be cleared for a better understanding of SEO friendly post.

15 Never Told Tips to Write SEO and User-Friendly Blog Post:

I am going to tell 15 amazing tips to write SEO friendly post for blogs and websites that can user-friendly also. These tips will be enough to keep visitors and search engines happy so let’s start it.

Plan your SEO Friendly Post

Planning can provide the desired results. Like any other job in routine life, content writing also need good planning. Planning to write SEO friendly post will include:
  • Proper Research and Knowledge
  • How to Do well from Competitors
  • Keyword Planning

Proper Research and Knowledge:

Search about the topic that you are going to cover. Make sure you have sufficient knowledge about that topic.

For an example, if I am going to write about Blogger SEO tips then I shall visit 5 sites and read their content. I also make my notes in which I shall write all the important points including the headings.

How to Do well from Competitors:

In the previous step, you have visited the sites of your competitors. Now it is time to make a plan. Observe your competitor and think about how you can provide better information. What will be the style, how many headings and subheadings will you make, where will you put out source info (i.e. videos, tweets). Now it is over to you think and plans it yourself.

Observe the following things on competitor's sites:

  • Understand how your competitors are using Keywords.
  • How they are writing an attractive title.
  • Keyword Density in the article.
  • Length of the article.
  • Division of article in headings/subheadings.

Keyword Planning:

Before start writing, do some research and select good keywords. You can use “Google Keyword Planner” which is absolutely free. The Keyword that you will select must have:
  • High Search Volume
  • Low Competition
  • Good CPC (Ignore if your blog/website is just new)
Save the best keywords in a text file. I would discuss more about "keyword planning" in the below points.

Structure of Article:

In the previous step, we only talk about research but here your actual work is going to start about how to write SEO friendly post. Before writing your SEO friendly post, you are recommended to ready a structure of article.
Structure helps to split the large article into the parts. After that you can easily focus on each heading in better way.

Cover the following points in the structure
  • What will be the title?
  • How many words will you write?
  • The number of headings.
  • How many words will you include in the introduction?
  • Total words of an article.
  • Where will you insert images/videos or other external elements?

Best Font Type and Size

Keep font simple and font size should be fair that can be easily readable. Avoid using custom and over stylish fonts. Some popular fonts are Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Verdana, Georgia. Your font size should be 16px for the main body.
I concluded that font size is also helpful to Increase read time and by increasing the reading time your site’s reputation will also improve.

Optimize Article Title:

The title plays a very big role to increase your visitors. A properly SEO optimized title is not enough. You have to make it attractive to compel the visitors to click on it.
Suppose a person is searching for something on Google. After typing some words in the search box Google provides him 10 results on the first page. Now, which link will he open?
According to the observations, it is not necessary that he will visit the 1st website. Actually, he will click on the link that will amaze him.

Below is the screenshot of some results from Google

amazing title samples

eye catching title example

Finally, make your title SEO friendly as well as eye-catching.
Make sure:
  • The title is within 60 characters.
  • Use Keyword at once.
  • The title must describe what are you going to tell in the article. It will also give an idea to search engine about your article.

Optimize URL:

URL also need optimization to make your post SEO friendly. URL optimization is very easy. I can not tell the exact words for URL because different sites have different domain names of different length.

Only a few tips for URL optimization:
  • Keep the URL as short as possible.
  • Use the keyword in the URL.
  • Avoid using blocking words (a, an, the etc).
  • Do not repeat keywords.
  • Use "-" to separate words.
  • Manual URL is better than auto-generated. Usually, WordPress and blogger blog automatically generate keywords which may not as effective as we want.
Example (auto-generated): /how-to-write-SEO-friendly-post
Example (manual): /write-SEO-friendly-post

The manual URL is shorter and effective. Now do practice yourself.

Write SEO Friendly Meta Description:

Meta description is the whole story of your article in a few lines. Use your selected keywords in meta description to optimize meta description for search engines. You can use a keyword maximum two times.
  • Use keywords in the meta description.
  • The length of the meta description should not exceed from 300 words.
  • You can repeat a keyword 2 times but recommended is to use only 1 time.
  • Tell all the major points in the description. You may define your headings/subheadings to make description SEO optimized.

Maintain the Number of Keywords:

To write an SEO friendly blog post, you have to use keywords effectively. Even an excellent post without focusing on keywords cannot gain much traffic. Google has defined a boundary for webmasters when it comes to deal with keywords.

Below are some points, follow them to write SEO friendly post for your blog:
  • Keywords density should not more than 3%. Which means use a Keyword 3 times in 100 words.
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing. More than 3% of keywords in an article are known as Keyword Stuffing. Your web page will be marked as spam if Google’s spiders found Keyword Stuffing.
  • Must use your keyword in the first three starting lines.
  • Use keywords in headings, description, and URL also.

What Should be the Length of SEO Friendly Post?

Basically, you must have 350 words grammar free, fairly readable text in your posts but researches show that longer blog posts rank quickly. Actually, when you write an in-depth article, search engines think that you really care and serious about your blog and readers that’s why longer blog posts rank higher.
  • Write a post as long as possible but stay to the point.
  • The paragraph should be short.
  • Sentences length also matter. Do not write too long or too short sentences. Medium length sentences have a good effect on readers.
  • Avoid repeating a single point again and again.
  • Avoid from unnecessary explanation.
  • Give references where possible.
  • Divide the text under headings.

Keep the Paragraph Short:

I have mentioned about it but here I shall tell exactly about it. Your paragraph should have at least 4 – 5 lines and maximum 10 – 12 lines. Need more explanation? Ok. I usually make a paragraph about one point. When I have to define another point, I start a new paragraph. To understand it more clearly, I suggested you see my blog posts and understand when I start a new paragraph.

Avoid to Use Difficult Grammar:

A good SEO friendly blog post is also reader friendly. You have to make sure that blog post is fairly readable.First of all, understand your readers.

For example, if you are writing for the USA, UK peoples than you may use extreme level grammar because they have no difficulty to read it but if you are writing English text article for Asian counties then avoid to use too heavy grammar. You have to make sure that your content is fairly readable for your readers.
I recommend using Yoast plugin which also gives a score to your article from a grammar point of view. If you are using Bloggers than you can use below link to test your article on Yoast

No Grammar Mistake:

Before publishing your blog post, make sure there is no grammar mistake. I recommend using Grammarly premium account to check the grammar of the article. It will check spelling, punctuations, tenses and all the other mistakes and then you can easily correct them.

Interlinking is Effective for SEO:

Interlinking plays a very effective role to improve your blog/website search rankings. Interlinking means to put a link of one of your blog post into another. Interlinking improves your search ranking, reduce bounce rate and allow search engine spider to crawl another web page.
  • Use do follow attributes for interlinking.
  • Use good keywords as anchor text. Anchor text gives an idea to search engine that what is inside the link.
  • Interlinking keeps visitors on the website so bounce rate reduces. With the reduce of bounce rate, Alexa rank also improves. Here is a complete guide about how to improve Alexa rank fast and free.
Besides the internal links, also put some external links in the article (Note: Inserting external links is not interlinking. This term is only used for internal links). See this article, above I have inserted links of Yoast aGrammarlyrly etc. These links are useful for readers so I inserted them with no follow attributes.
It is not important to use do follow attributes for external links. We usually use no follow attributes for external links.

Insert Images and Videos:

A rich and SEO friendly post has 1000+ words text, at least 1 image (use at least 4 – 5 images if an article is lengthy), internal and external links and video (if necessary).

Media objects help in various ways:
  • Engage visitors.
  • You can also gain traffic from image and video search options.
  • Videos keep the visitors on your site and help to reduce bounce rate.
  • Never forget to use alt tags in images. Here is a complete guide about how to optimize images to increase website speed

Keep Updating your SEO Friendly Post:

You may know that updating old articles also improve their ranking. By updating your blog posts, you are telling the search engine that you care about your content and want to provide the latest information to your visitors. Try to add some text in old articles.
I personally never found my article perfect when I revisit them. I found many points that can be improved while updating my older articles so, when you see your old articles, you will automatically found the points that can be improved.

Last Words:

Hopefully, I did not miss any point that is necessary to write SEO friendly post. I hope you will like. If you want to say thanks than please share this article with other just to encourage me. Ask me any question that you have in mind by using the below comments system.

I am offering Content Writing Services, If you Need SEO Content services than you can contact with me via FB page or Contact Us Page

How to Improve Alexa Rank Free and Fast (6 Steps)

It is very hard for new Bloggers to get lower Alexa Rank because they have low traffic. You may know that traffic is the major thing that can increase your web/blog popularity and also improve Alexa rank. Traffic is a hard task. A website/blog that has less than 100,000 Alexa rank, can be considered good. Many advertising companies give good ads rate to lower Alexa rank sites. In other words, Alexa rank can increase your revenue. But how to improve Alexa rank free and fast? This question arises in your mind. What is experienced while improving Alexa rank? I would cover all important things according to my experience that anyone can do to improve website's Alexa rank but first of all you need to know that what is Alexa and how it works?

Alexa is a company (by Amazon) that rank to every site. It gives ranking to every site that is called Alexa rank. Lower Alexa rank means that website is more popular. It gives two types of ranking. First one is worldwide ranking and second is local ranking (where your domain server is located or from where you are getting most visitors). 

2-How Alexa works:

Every day Alexa estimates the daily visitors and pageviews of a website. Website/blog with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews of last 3 months is ranked # 1. In straight words, Alexa ranks sites on the basis of visitors. Both worldwide and local rank is dependent on visitors. The more traffic you will gain, the more rank will be improved. Local rank shows that in which country, your website is most popular. Local rank is also dependent on server location. If your website is hosted in the USA then your local rank will be from that country. Although you can manage this in your "Google Webmaster Tool" but it is exception discussion, we would talk about it in next articles. Now you can understand about Alexa Worldwide and local rank. Let's move forward and see what we can do to gain more traffic to improve Alexa Rank free of cost. 

3- What is Importance of Alexa Rank :

One more question that can arise in your mind. What is the importance of Alexa Rank and why everyone tries to improve it? If you want to see the popularity of a website then just go to Alexa and see what is its ranking. Although Alexa gives estimated rankings many advertisers see Alexa rank before providing advertisements to a site. Simply I can say that lower Alera rank can increase your revenue.

4- Does SEO Improve Alexa Rank :

What is Relation Between Alexa and SEO

Yes, SEO improves website's Alexa Rank. I already told that "number of visitors" means lower Alexa rank. SEO is the best way to get quality traffic. SEO provides long-term quality visitors. According to my personal experience, On-page and Off-page, both types of SEO improve Alexa rank. So, do proper SEO of your site or hire an expert if you do not know about SEO. Website speed is also an important factor in SEO. Make your website faster because search engines and users both do not like slow sites and your Alexa rank will also effect. Here is a simple tip which you can use to increase website/blog speed. How to Optimize Images to Make Website Faster

5- How to Improve Alexa Rank Free:

You can do a number of things to improve Alexa rank. Let's start to discuss them one by one. 

Six Important Things to Do to Improve Alexa Rank Free and Fast

* Install Alexa Toolbar:

How Alexa toolbar can be helpful? By installing Alexa toolbar, you allow their server to receive your every hit on all sites. When the people who have installed Alexa toolbar will visit your site then Alexa will count hits on your site by visitors.
Installation of Alexa toolbar is very easy. Go to Alexa toolbar page (put external link) and click on install Alexa extension. Complete the process of installation. Alexa extension added successfully. 

* Add Alexa Widget in Website/Blog:

Another task to improve Alexa rank free and fast. Add Alexa widget to your website/blog. Unfortunately, all the people who visit your website, have not installed Alexa toolbar that's why you have to add Alexa widget to your Wordpress site or Blogger blog. This widget will help Alexa to track your website's hits even visitor did not installed the toolbar.
Just copy the below code and add it to your blog/website to show Alexa widget. 

<center><a href="">
<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script></a></center>

* Post Valuable Content:

Valuable content indirectly increase website traffic and you know that when you will gain quality traffic your website Alexa ranking will automatically improve. Make your that your content is not boring readers. I am giving additional tip which will help to write good content. Search for that topic about which you are going to write. Now visit your competitor's sites and read how they are delivering content to their readers and what is their style of write which made their blog popular. Your competitor's sites can teach you many things if you are a little bit wise. I know you must be. Now do more better to your competitors. Explain each & everything and be friendly with your visitors. I think this tip will help you to gain more traffic. I would explain more about it in my incoming articles so do not forget to subscribe my blog. Make sure your articles are grammar mistakes free and 100% SEO optimized. Additionally, add videos in posts which compel a visitor to spend more time on your site. This is all about Posting. Let's move to the next point.

* Be Regular in Posting:

According to my personal experience, If you will make a timetable for posting and post on-time then your Alexa Rank and search engine ranking will improve dramatically. Adjust date and time for posting. It does not matter that you are posting 3 - 4 articles daily or posting 1 article in a week, if you are regular then your blog rank will not fall. Always write your own content and never copy other's content nor use spinners.

* Increase Backlinks:

Backlinks play a very important role to improve search engine and Alexa rank. Not only dofollow but nofollow also help in ranking. Increase your backlinks by submitting your site to directories. Post on related forums and social media sites. When crawler will crawl your site to more and more places then rank will increase. According to me, 4 backlinks on daily basis are enough. It will protect your site from search engine spamming. You can make 2 dofollow and 2 nofollow backlinks daily if your site is new. You can make backlinks by commenting other's sites that are related to your site, submitting to directories and bookmarking on social sites.

* Make Your Website User-Friendly:

A site where users can easily find their desired content can be referred to a user-friendly website. Make your website faster which is important for a user-friendly site. If your site is taking too much time in loading then the user will suddenly leave which will increase your bouse rate and time spent on site will be decreased. Use attractive website theme. Avoid social content locker and similar tricks which some bloggers use to increase their blog's social popularity. All these things will leave negative impacts on the visitor. He can make a mindset to not visit your site again even it is showing at the top of Google search results.
Think as a visitor while searching something on Google, sometimes you select a specific site even it is showing at 7 or 8 positions because you, this site is user-friendly and you can easily find all information on it. You prefer a site on others because it is user-friendly. Is this explanation enough? I think its enough. 

These are some tips to improve Alexa rank free and fast according to my experience. What is your experience? Share with me in the comment. If you still have any question, just comment below or connect with me on social media. Do not forget to subscribe my Blog, also share it with others. 

10 Blogger (Blogspot) SEO Tips for Higher Rankings

This post is about Blogger SEO tips which will help to make search engine rankings more better. Although in this post, I am not covering all about SEO but tell as much as important for Blogger SEO (BlogSpot on-page SEO). Blogger is 2nd biggest blogging platform. There is only one problem with Blogger. BlogSpot search engine optimization is hard. A lot of plugins are available in Wordpress which care for website's SEO but Blogger does not have an automatic process, everything is manual. On the other hand, Blogger provides many features. Unlike Wordpress, Blogger users do not need to pay even a single penny for hosting. Blogger provides unlimited space which is totally free. Blogger security is very strong as compared to Wordpress. You can also find beautiful Blogger themes which are free as well as paid. The only problem is Blogger SEO but it is not as much hard as some persons think. Following are important Blogger SEO tips which will help to improve BlogSpot search engine rankings.

Recommended for BlogSpot Users:

10 Blogger SEO Tips for Higher Search Engine Rankings and More Traffic

1- Important Things Before Starting Blog :

Blogger SEO tips before starting a blog which is important to tell. Newbie who does not have proper knowledge start their first step with a wrong action which leads them to failure in online business. According to me, 4 things are very important to know before starting a blog/website. Your struggle for search engine rankings starts when you just think to create a blog.

Blogger SEO Tips, Important Things Before Starting a Blog

* Plan Your strategy:

This is the very first blogger SEO tip. Before starting a blog, you have to decide the blog niche. You must have proper knowledge of your niche. Without proper knowledge, it is very hard to be a good blogger. Do not start a "multi-topic" blog. A site which contains more than one topic (e.g Songs, Games, Videos in a single site) is referred to as a multi-topic site. Its SEO is hard. Only select one topic (e.g SEO, web development, WordPress training). Sucha site can easily rank.

Next thing to decide is this, how you will deliver content to your readers. When you will post and how many posts you will do in a week. A lot of posts are not necessary for high-rank Good content is key for higher rankings in search engines. Make a post of at least 700 words also include images as many as possible. Make your own time table for posting. It does not matter that you will post one article per day or one article per week but you must be regular in posting. If you plan to post one article after every 2 days then must do it on time. But if you do not have too much time then post one article in a week. Search websites related to your topic/niche and see how they are delivering content to readers. Always write your own content and never copy or spin other's content. Google always looks for something new and more better so try to do more better than others.

* Do Proper Research :

Another important Blogger SEO tip. Do proper research about your niche before starting a blog. Gain more and more knowledge. Use "Google Keyword Planner" and "Google Trends" to see how popular is your niche, in which country this niche is most popular and how you will (compete) others and attract visitors. Visit other websites that are related to your niche, read their content and think about how you will do more better. You have to write better content than others to get higher search engine rankings.

* Domain or Subdomain (Blogspot) Name Selection :

Domain/subdomain (BlogSpot) selection is also an important part of Blogger SEO. Be wise in domain name selection. Use a maximum of two words as a domain name. Longer domain name is not good for SEO. Keep domain name shorter as much as possible. Try to use relevant Domain/subdomain name. If a related name is not available then choose a brand name. Brand name means a name which will be easy to remember (like our domain name "BloggingEfforts"). Make sure that your domain name keywords have low competition. Low competition keywords can optimize easily as compare to medium or hard competition keywords. I suggest two free tools for the domain name suggestion. First one is "Lean Domain Search" and second is "Shopify Name Generator". Below are the links of these two tools which will give many ideas about domain names :

1- Lean Domain Search
2- Shopify Name Generator

or buy a domain name from BlueHost using below domain search tool.

* Blogger Blog Design :

This is the last blogger SEO tip. After this, you can create a blogger blog and then we shall proceed to more Blogger SEO settings. Google says that websites must have a user-friendly design. Keep your website clean and do not use so many widgets. It can create loading problems for visitors and affect your SEO. Make sure that visitors can easily search each and everything that they are looking for. Create a good navigation bar. Unlike older days, now you can find beautiful themes for Blogger that are SEO optimized and user-friendly. Here is a link for "Free Blogger Themes" or Buy Advance Themes from ThemeForest

2- How to Make Blogger Title SEO Friendly :

The title plays important role in Wordpress as well as Blogger SEO because visitors read the only title in search engines to visit a page. Do proper research about keywords in "Google Keyword Planner" and use your selected keywords in the title. Title length must between 35 to 60 characters. Remaining characters after 60 will not show in search engines. Avoid using stop words (e.g a, an, the). Such words occupy space but do not give any benefit for Blogger SEO. Do not use a keyword multiple time in the title. It compels Google and other search engines to remove your post/page from their search. Following Example will help to understand better.
Example: How to Do Blogger On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO. Here keyword "SEO" is used two times. Google will not include it in search because it is considered as "Keyword Stuffing".
Blogger post title usually includes home page title which is bad for SEO. You have to optimize the Blogger post title for better SEO. Follow the following instructions :
Go to your Blogger Blog >> Edit HTML >> Search for the following code


and replace it with following code :

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’> <title><data:blog.title/></title> <b:else/> <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title> </b:if>

Now your title is seo optimize and it will show only post title.

3- SEO Friendly Meta Description :

 Meta description also plays important role in Blogger SEO. In meta description, use all your selected keywords. Meta description also has limited words. You can not use more than 150 words in the meta description. Remain keywords will not show in search. A keyword can be repeated maximum of 2 times. Do not cross this limit. Otherwise, you are breaking Google's rule. Use this tool to see how your title and description will look in Google.

4- Blogger (BlogSpot) Custom Permalink :

Permalink/URL is also an important part of SEO. Blogger gives 2 options. First one is to use their automatic generated link for the post and the 2nd one is to create custom permalink. Always use custom permalink which allows editing post link according to your wish and search engine requirements. You can see a custom permalink option is a right side while writing a post. Use max 3 to 4 words in post permalink. Post URL also depend on your domain/sub-domain name. If your domain name contains fewer characters then you have more space for characters in the permalink. 
As you know Google has created specific lines for webmasters and we can not cross them if we want good rankings in search engines that's why a good Blogger SEO tip is to use maximum 3 words in URL/permalink. Do not use stop keywords (a, an, the) in BlogSpot permalink. SEO friendly permalink contain only keywords. Do not repeat keywords in permalink otherwise, it will be considered as keyword stuffing. Below screenshot tells how select and edit Blogger custom permalink.

How to Create Custom SEO Friendly Permalink in Blogger

5- Keyword Density in Article :

The article is the main thing which brings visitors to your web/blog. Articles must be a reader and search engine friendly. Before writing a post, make sure that you have enough knowledge about that topic. After that go to "Google Keyword Planner" and search keywords. See analytics of different keywords and select some keywords for your post.
After keyword planner, go to "Google Trends" and see details of your keywords. Google Trends tells when and where this keyword is most popular and what is the current status of this keyword. These two tools by Google are very amazing and gives many ideas to webmasters to improve their SEO. Must use them for Blogger SEO.
After doing proper research, you can start writing a post. Your keywords must not be greater than 3%. This is the maximum quantity. Mostly we try to cover it by 2% which is best for SEO. Wordpress users can install SEO plugins which tell about post SEO but Blogger users do not have such facilities. Do not worry, every problem has a solution. Blogger users can still check SEO of their posts. I am telling two online tools to check Blogger post SEO. Both tools are almost similar in working. One of them is from "Yoast SEO" and second is from "SEO Review". These tools will analyze post and tell how much your article is SEO optimize. Following are links of these two tools :

 6- Label for Blogger SEO :

Label plays the same role in Blogger which category plays in Wordpress. Use your keywords as a label for Blogger SEO and better search engine rankings. Let me explain it with an example. Suppose I wrote a post about "How to Do Image SEO in Blogger". Then my label will be Image SEO, Blogger SEO, Image Optimization. Did you understand? You can add more than one label but these must be related to post. 

7- Interlink Posts : 

Another Blogger SEO tip. Interlinking is important in on-page Blogger SEO. What is interlinking and how to do it?. Interlinking means to link similar pages/post with each other. You just have to put the link of a post in another post but both posts must be similar which means they may be under the same category. 
Suppose I already published a post about "Image SEO in Blogger" so while writing a new post about "Blogger SEO Tips", I can interlink both posts with each other. But do not put the link anywhere in the post. You have to make a good connection between both posts. You need to know something important about interlinking posts. Read below instructions and follow for good Blogger SEO.

  • Always interlink similar pages.
  • Use at least 3 keywords as anchor text.
  • Link can be added in the image. ALT tag will work as anchor text.
  • Do not use the "no-follow" tag for internal linking. We use no-follow only for external links.
  • Do not add too many links at the same place.

What is Interlinking in SEO. How to Do Interlinking in Blogger

8- Blogspot Image SEO :

Image SEO helps in two ways. First, it helps in search engine optimization and seconds it increase website speed. You have to do some simple things for image optimization. Choose the best image format. Give a good name to the image. Always give title and alt tag to the image. Compress image online using tiny png if you are using Blogger or use image compression plugin if you are Wordpress user. Read this post "How to Optimize Images for Blogger SEO" for a complete guide.

9- Blogger SEO Settings :

Blogger seo settings are some types of instructions to search engines. Blogger seo settings tells search engines, how to crawl your blog. You give the instructions that which page will be crawl and index and which pages will not be crawl. Wrong use of these settings can effect Blogger as "Blogger" already has mentioned in this section.

* Custom robots.txt :

Go to your Blogger blog then "Settings" and then "Search Preferences". Scroll down and paste below code in "Custom Robot.txt" box. 

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search?q=*
Disallow: /*?updated-max=*
Allow: /

Change "" with your Blogger blog address. That's all.
Below is a screenshot which will help to understand more better.

Custom Robots.txt for Blogger SEO

* Custom robots header tags :

This option is after "Custom robots.txt" on the same page. Just look at the below image and apply all settings according to it. That's all.

Custom Robots Header Tags for Blogger SEO

10- Nofollow vs Dofollow :

Nofollow and Dofollow are two attributes which play a different role. Nofollow attribute prevent search engines to crawling a link while Dofollow attribute allow search engines to crawl and follow that link. You can apply these two attributes in Blogger very easily. Whenever you put a link in a text, the link box gives the option "Add rel=nofollow Attribute". Link will not be crawl if you will check that option. Use nofollow attribute while adding external links and always use dofollow attributes for internal links. It will improve your Blogger seo.

How to Apply Nofollow and Dofollow in Blogger

Last Words :

Blogger blog can be successful after applying all seo techniques. Apply above Blogger SEO tips to get more traffic from search engines. If you think this article is helpful then also help other Bloggers by sharing it. Subscribe us and follow us to get more tips about seo, blogging and make money. Now its over to you. Happy Blogging !

How to Optimize Images for Website SEO & Rankings

Website speed is also an important factor for SEO. Google looks how fast a page loads and then rank it. Like other SEO techniques, webmasters need to fast their web pages. Keep in mind, not only search engines but users also do not like slow sites. A slower site can lose the number of visitors. observations cleared that images are the major reason to slow down a website. You need to optimize images for website SEO and ranking. Optimize images online if using blogger or use plugin if using Wordpress site. Optimize images can reduce the number of KBS and prevent to slow your web. How to optimize images or compress them for website's SEO and better search engine rankings? This is a common question, especially from newbie webmasters. Here are some simple things that you can do to optimize images for website SEO and rankings.

Also Read: Blogger SEO Tips for Quick Ranking

Optimize images online for website SEO & rankings

1- JPEG vs PNG (Which is Better) :

Choose image format wisely. PNG and JPEG are two popular and most using formats. Question is this which one is better for the website?


Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) is a lossy compressed file format. It creates a file with complex colors which means it is good for photographs. This type of file gives high-quality image but it also increases file size which is not good for website speed and indirectly affects search engine rankings. JPEG file will reduce quality on compression. This file format also does not give transparency. Final words, It is good for Photographs.


Portable Network Graphics (PNG) is a lossless file format. This is a good alternative for both JPEG and GIF. This type of file gives transparency. PNG is a good choice for storing line drawings, text, and iconic graphics. This format is supported by all web browsers. That's why it is a common choice of webmasters. PNG does not lose quality on compression which means it is good for website SEO.

JPEG vs PNG which is better for website

I think this piece of information is enough to guide about which is the best image format for the website. Let's proceed to the next step.

2- Give Good Name to Images :

Images with numbers or useless alphabets do not help in image optimization. Give a good name to images offline by using your keywords. This name is also captured an image title. It makes easier for search engines to recognize an image. 
For Example: If I have an image which is providing information about "Advance SEO Tips" then its name will be the same these keywords or related to this. Important is this, image name must be relevant to image otherwise there is no benefit. Still confused? Look at the below sample image. This picture is telling about " Steps to Optimize Images for Website SEO & Rankings". I gave it a title "Optimize Images for Website SEO". Image name contains proper words and also the main keywords. Now it is good for SEO and ready for the next step of image optimization. Is everything clear now?

5 steps to optimize images for website seo & rankings

3- Compress Images :

It is very important to compress images. Compression reduces file size and increases speed. How to compress images on Wordpress and blogger?

Compress Images on Wordpress :

If you are running your website on Wordpress then image compression is very easy for you. Just install Tiny PNG plugin and your images will be automatically compressed after uploading. Nothing more, That's all about compression on Wordpress.

Compress Images on Blogger :

Blogger is used by the number of people so it is important to also guide about it. Unlike Wordpress, there is no automatic process of image optimization for Blogger users. You need to compress an image online. Compress images manually every time before uploading. Tiny PNG is an amazing site that reduces the number of KBS without losing quality. Here is a link of Tiny PNG. Go to this link just upload an image and it will be compressed. After that download it and upload in blogger. 

How to Optimize Images Online for Blogger

4- Give Alt Attributes: 

Search engines robots cannot identify images. They only crawl text. That's why we use text for images as title and alt tags to make an identification of image. Alt attributes are an important part of image optimization for SEO. When you upload an image in Wordpress on the right side there is an option of alt tag. In blogger, upload image then goes to image properties. Write a title and alt tag. You have to completely describe the whole image in a few words. Keep alt tag shorter as much as possible.

5- Additional Tips for  :

* Some additional information which will be useful. Avoid using copy images. Create your own image in Photoshop or somewhere else. Copied images will be filtered by Google and will not be shown in the search. Create your own images, does not matter how much you are good in graphics. Your own even simple image will be good for SEO. Anyhow if you are going to use copied image then must edit it a little bit which will reduce the risk.
* Use a good hosting for Wordpress. A good hosting makes the website faster. I recommend these two web hostings Hostgator and Bluehost. These two hosting companies are trusted worldwide and provide good results.

These are some techniques to optimize images and make the website faster. Check results on PageSpeed or GTmetrix before and after applying them. comment below how much this article is helpful. Do not forget to share the post to encourage me. Happy Blogging!