How to Approve Media.Net Account in 3 Days (Legal Trick)

How to Approve Media.Net Account in 3 Days (Legal Trick)

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Media.Net is one of the trending contextual advertising networks by Yahoo and Bing. In this article, I shall explain how to approve account easily. I shall also tell its advantages and disadvantages so, make sure you read it completely. Google AdSense is the very first choice of every publisher to monetize it’s blog/website but unfortunately, many publishers got rejected. Another type of publishers are those who are not earning handsome amount even having thousands of pages views so, they look for alternatives. If you are also one of them and interested to increase your revenue then you may read this article.

If your site is according to Media.Net Terms and Condition then you may skip reading and continue to sign up for Media.Net account.

As I already told that Media.Net is a contextual ads net by Yahoo and Bing that’s why it is direct competitor of Google AdSense. Actually, Media.Net is 2nd largest advertising network in the market. Besides their handsome advertising rates, it has other unique features like good publisher support and a dedicated manager whose job is to help you to increase your revenue.

Being 2nd largest contextual advertising, they cannot compromise in quality that’s why sometimes publishers got rejected. Rejection really disappoint! Do not worry, in this article I shall explain how to approve Media.Net account in just in 3 days. This will be a legal and fast trick. All you need is to make your site according to their policies. If you already know their terms and conditions and your site fulfill those requirements then you may skip reading and sign up for an account.

Media.Net Approval Trick (Legal + Fast)

Below are some tips which will explain all the necessary terms to approve fast. If you are newbie than must read following details about how to approve Media.Net account fast.

Site Language Must be English:

The English language is very necessary to approve account. According to their policies that they have described, your site’s basic language must be English. Make sure your web pages must have at least 300 words quality content in the English language. Below this English content, one may insert videos or text in the other language.

Traffic from USA, UK, Canada:

They also have mentioned that site must have enough traffic from  USA, UK, Canada, and other European countries. Actually, you can not earn revenue from Media.Net if you do not have traffic from European countries. They have told on their "About Us" page about the countries from where they are getting advertisers and views. See the below screenshot.

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Unfortunately, they do not offer good rates for Asian counties so if your traffic is from Asian counties then do not waste your time on Media.Net and sign up at other amazing networks like Propeller Ads, Revenuehits and PopAds.Net.

Site Must be User-Friendly:

A user-friendly site can help you to approve account fast. I think this is the requirement of every good ads network. Your site must be user-friendly. A user must be able to find information easily. Keep your site simple and remove unwanted things (i.e. live traffic statics).

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Site Must be Updated Regularly:

If you want to be approved by Media.Net than make sure you are posting new content regularly. Publish at least one article in a week. Besides updating, your content must be of high quality. Your content must be your own written, do not copy or spin content otherwise your website will be rejected.

Disable Other Ads Before Apply:

Before applying for Media.Net publisher account, disable/remove ads of other networks and keep them disabled for one week even after Media.Net approval.
If your site is according to the above terms and conditions then:

Media.Net Advantages and Disadvantages:

Media.Net publisher account has many advantages over other networks and some disadvantages as well. These advantages and disadvantages are the following:

Media.Net Publisher Account Advantages:

  • High Ads rates for USA, UK, Canada, and other European countries.
  • Do not need too much traffic for publisher account approval.
  • Good support for publishers.
  • A personal manager who helps the publisher to increase revenue.
On the other hand, Media.Net also have some disadvantages.

Media.Net Publisher Account Disadvantages:

  • Do not offer good rates for Asian traffic.
  • Approve only English content sites.
  • Do not offer image ads like Adsense.
Above was the legal method about how to approve Media.Net account fast. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you.

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